1. What is an RMA?
RMA stands for Return Material Authorization. If a hardware failure is determined by the CHIYU engineer and repair/replacement is needed, an RMA will be created. This RMA provides the customer with the ability to return the specified defective unit for repair. And CHIYU will be responsible for the one-way delivery fee.
2. What is a DOA?
A DOA (Dead On Arrival) is a hardware failure that is determined within the first thirty (30) days from the shipment date from CHIYU.
CHIYU will be responsible for the two-ways delivery fee.
3. What is the difference between a DOA RMA and a regular RMA?
A product is considered for DOA RMA only if the hardware failure is determined within 30 days from the delivery date from CHIYU. If the case is raised /opened after 30 days, it will be considered as regular RMA. Defective products must be returned within ten (10) days from receipt of a replacement unit.
If the RMA is created as a DOA, then a new expedited replacement part will be shipped from our manufacturing facilities within 2~5 business days. Shipment times will vary from location to location.