We have 6 packs of news to release for you.

1. Face recognition CSS-V12

CSS-V12 is our self-developed face recognition terminal, which can support 2000 faces, and also support our central management software SOMAC to generate access control and time attendance report.

2. OSDP reader
OSDP reader is a retrofit of Wiegand's reader, with easy wiring and long-distance as RS485, multiple devices on the same line, easy to implement with AES-128 encryption.

3. DESFire key system
DESFire technology is not only a Mifare encryption method, but it also can make accession groups of readers and cards. The cards belonged to A group reader can not be read at B group. This is not only security but also the protection of the individual business.

4.  Bluetooth/NFC
To use your mobile phone as an RFID card, you can try our app, you can download it from Apple Store and Google Play, you can scan the respectively QR code on the presentation file. The app uses BLE, as know as Bluetooth low energy and NFC, near field communication technologies.

5.  Access control + IO trigger  
If you like to run a small business with membership and with your own plastic currency system, like, running a tennis court, and charge users for lighting system per hour, we have a customized SOMAC and RFID terminal recently, a member can purchase token and store in an RFID card, and when he uses the lighting system, it deducts the token from the member card.

6.  Soft trigger for Network Optix  
When you want to remote open door for delivery service, like food panda or Ubereat at home, you can try our combination with NX witness and door controller. You can see deliveryman on camera from NX witness mobile app, and open door for him to place food.

Thank you for watching this pitch. Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.