Web based Wiegand Type Access Control Panel

The Wiegand Door Access Control Panel is designed to support 1 to 4 doors, making it suitable for a variety of access control applications. The power box cover is designed to make installation easier, allowing system installers to measure the wiring length at each site and door. Additionally, the controller can be hidden in the management room for a more secure environment. The device features a web server for managing user accounts and system configurations, which is a trend that makes it easier for system operators to fulfill their scenarios. For added convenience, the device is available with optional metal box and power supply versions, including EU/US type power supply with 3.5A UPS or 4.2A power. This makes it suitable for a range of applications, including car parking solutions. Overall, the Wiegand Door Access Control Panel is a reliable and versatile solution for access control, featuring easy installation, a web-based interface, and optional metal box and power supply versions for added convenience.

IP based Door Access Control panel














  • Application for 1 door (D1), 2 doors (D2), 4 Doors (D4).
  • Optional with functional design power box.
  • Inbuilt relays for door exit button / door lock / door sensor.
  • IP camera integrated if needed for real-time image monitoring.
  • Up to 20,000 user accounts can be registered.
  • Economic solution for RFID card access control site.
  • Remote control integrated.


Door Capacity 1 2 4
Wigand Interface 2 4 4
Exit Button Connection 1 2 4
EM Lock Connection 1 2 4
Sensor Connection 1 2 4
Access Log 60,000 entries 60,000 entries 60,000 entries
Extendable TTL Interface (Require extra component) 2 (Reserved) 1 (Reserved) 1 (Reserved)
Extendable Input (Require extra component) 2 (Reserved) 2 (Reserved) 2 (Reserved)
Extendable Output (Optional relay box module) 4 (Optional) 4 (Optional) 4 (Optional)
Fire Alarm Connection
Power Box LED Connection
TCP/IP Interface
Two Ways Access Control X
Accessibility To Wiegand Reader's Light and Buzzer
Power Requirement DC 9 ~ 24V DC 9 ~ 24V DC 9 ~ 24V
Power Consumption (Exclude external device) 180mA 220mA 300mA
Suggest Power Spec. (Include extra relay box module and wiegand readers) 1A 1.5A 2A
EM Lock Relay Box Spec. 10A 277VAC / 28VDC 10A 277VAC / 28VDC 10A 277VAC / 28VDC
Extend Input Spec. 0 ~ 3.3V 0 ~ 3.3V 0 ~ 3.3V
Extend Output Spec. 0 ~ 3.3V 0 ~ 3.3V 0 ~ 3.3V
Wiegand Reader Power Requirement 9 ~ 24V 9 ~ 24V 9 ~ 24V
Reader Communication Mode Wiegand 26 ~ 66 bit Wiegand 26 ~ 66 bit Wiegand 26 ~ 66 bit
Max. Range For Wiegand Reader 80 Meters 80 Meters 80 Meters
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 55°C 0 ~ 55°CC 0 ~ 55°C
Operation Humidity 5% ~ 80%, RH 5% ~ 80%, RH 5% ~ 80%, RH
Dimension / Weight 138 x 114 x 27mm / 150g 200 x 114 x 27mm / 200g 200 x 114 x 27mm / 250g

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