Facial Recognition Terminal

Smart Face Recognition Terminal. This facial recognition access control terminal can be used for both access control and time attendance. Its user-friendly interface and high level of security, along with its robust performance, make this face access controller a reliable choice in the market.

Face Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal

Chiyu Facial Recognition Terminal provides a high level of security by accurately identifying individuals based on their unique facial features and supporting mobile function.

Chiyu Face Recognition Access Control Terminal is a fast and efficient method of authentication that support a video management system, time attendance system, and access control functions.

Chiyu Face Access Terminal is a kind of real-time push system that is convenient and speedy and eliminates the need to carry physical cards or remember passwords, streamlining the access control process and reducing waiting times.

Chiyu Facial Recognition Terminal provides additional features such as data logging, analytics, and reporting. These functionalities allow administrators to track access events, monitor user patterns, and generate insights for security and operational purposes.

Chiyu Facial Recognition Terminal is easy to set up with auto obtain TCP/IP (DHCP) function.

Chiyu Facial Recognition Terminal with contactless authentication and biometric technology, users can simply look into the camera, and the system can quickly verify their identity.

Chiyu Facial Recognition Terminal can support mobile or RFID cards verification.

Chiyu CSS-V25 Face Recognition Access Control Terminal is a single controller and standalone reader, which can help you detect body temperature.

Chiyu Facial Recognition Terminal can handle large volumes of users, making them suitable for organizations of various sizes. They can be easily integrated into existing access control systems and scaled up or down as needed.

Chiyu Face Access Terminal working structure


  • Contactless for ultimate hygiene.
  • Color screen for face positioning.
  • Audio prompt.
  • Various alarms enhance security level.
  • Embedded system enables plug and play.
  • Desk or wall mounting.
  • Somac supported.


  • Software Application : SoMac/ Browser
  • Processor : ARM based 32 bits
  • Verification Mode : FACE/ Pincode/ Card
  • Proximity : EM/ Mifare/ Desfire
  • Face Capacity : 10,000
  • Fingerprint Capacity : 9,590
  • Card Capacity : 20,000
  • Max. User Capacity : 20,000
  • Access Log : 100,000
  • System Log : 10,000
  • Snapshot Log : 5,000 Images
  • Web Base Management : Yes
  • PUSH methodology for real time log : Yes
  • IP Mode : Static IP/Auto IP(DHCP Client)
  • Verification Speed :  less than 0.5 second
  • Time Sets/Time Zones/Group : 255/120/255 SET
  • Holiday Set : 100
  • Inputs : 3 inputs (Exit Button/Door Sensor/Fire Alarm)
  • Built-in relay : 1 relay (COM/NO/NC) for door lock / 1 relay (COM/NO/NC)for Alarm
  • Tamper : YES
  • Scan Distance : 30cm - 80cm
  • TCP/IP : YES
  • RS485 : YES
  • Wiegand : 1 channel IN or OUT
  • USB : USB 2.0 host


  • Communication Method: TCP/IP, USB Host, Weigand Output, Push to Server
  • Communication Environment: LAN / WAN
  • Ethernet Interface: 10/100M Base-T, Auto Crossover


  • Audible Speaker: 16 bits mono
  • Buzzer: Single Tone
  • TFT Color LCD: 4.3 inches touch screen
  • Capacitive Touch Keys: 4 x 4
  • Anti-Tampering Switch: Yes


  • Operation Voltage: 12V DC / 1.5A
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C - 50°C
  • Operation Humidity: 10% - 80%RH


  • Dimensions: 123 x 166 x 72 mm
  • Weight: 650 g


  • Web Server, supported by Chiyu Technology's SOMAC Central management software. Access Control and Time & Attendance. Features like anti-passback, user accession, group accession, door setup by verification methods
  • All products with 2 years warranty.

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