Chiyu Technology is the top access control and time attendance manufacturer in Taiwan, with 20 years' experience. Network Optix, a USA company located in California, providing Video Management System. What we bring you today is about how we visualize your asset management.

There are 5 major features and one application, the bookmark is related to a mark in the video timeline, text overlay is about shown information overlay on the monitor, alarm layout is an aggressive notification on screen, hardware trigger is using the sensor for automatic reaction, soft trigger is using mobile phone App to remote control. E-map is to let you import a map to the floor and even save the viewport layout.

Running a company, you will need access control and time attendance system, which will manage human beings with fingerprint, RFID card, or face recognition. The next one is CCTV surveillance, you have an IP camera, video monitoring, and NVR/DVR. The next one is an alarm system to control digital input-output, and other sensors like a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, air condition sensor, or even trigger a panic button or siren. With our solution, you can visualize these three circles and make easy management.

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