SemacV14.dll is based on Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 . It could ideally support development tools like C#, VB.Net and J#...etc which is in .Net base. For other development tools like Delphi, VB, C++, developers should check further information to call dll file based on .Net.

This SDK uses TCP/IP protocol to transmit data. The TCP server refers to the computer which is running this SDK, while TCP Clients refer to all terminals (SEMAC or WEBPASS). Terminals will automatically connect to the SDK which is running on a PC. Thus, the Server PC, as a TCP Server, should activate TCP listening on a certain port. Once a request of TCP connection arrives, the SDK will accept it and keep the session alive. This SDK user guide will be presented with C# language (Based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005). The SDK uses multi-threaded technology, which means, every data entries returned from terminals are not generated by main thread ( not UI thread).Thus, take C# for example, it is needed to use “delegate” if it is necessary to display the returned data entries on user interface (UI). Refer to demo program for details.

  • Issue Date:Ocotober, 2016
  • SDK File name:SemacV14.dll
  • SDK Version:
  • Product Coverage:SEMAC 、WebPass、BF W、FA1
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