Time & attendance management solution simplifies employee timesheet monitoring, calculation of work hours, and collection of time & attendance data. Delegated authentication is impossible because it is a biometrics-based time & attendance management system and you can set up various types of work schedules/work shifts.

The attendance system refers to a set of the management system that manages the company's employees' attendance records and other relevant information. It is a product combining attendance software and attendance hardware, which is generally used by the HR department to master and manage the employee attendance dynamics of the enterprise. Including the attendance record, attendance analysis two major functions. It is the core of the attendance system to automatically analyze the attendance results according to the attendance rules made by the system.
According to different units, different departments, attendance rules are generally different. Because the enterprise's work content is different, at a different time, have different attendance requirements. Due to changes in laws and labor rules, there are also different attendance requirements. Attendance systems need to apply a constantly changing management process.

1. Real-time Attendance Query

In any case, no attendance set, can real-time query each employee's punch-in/out records, and those who did not punch, also can be carried out according to the conditions query part or all of the staff card records such as input employee ID, date and time, you can query the employee the time clock in detail.

2. Basic Attendance Management

According to the pre-defined attendance settings, it can process all kinds of attendance data, automatically judge the late, early leave, absent from work and the details of the effective time to punch in. For example, the late arrival, early leave, absence from work and effective punch details, abnormal punch data can be checked in these query functions according to the conditions. In the late and early leave query function, the corresponding number of minutes can also be entered, so that the staff greater than the number of minutes can be queried.

3. Various Attendance Statistics

Can real-time statistics of the staff's work, overtime, late, early leave, leave, absent and other relevant attendance information (the above records the staff abnormal attendance times and minutes) to form a comprehensive summary report, can also be based on the conditions such as date, job number, department, etc. for statistical work.

4. Automatic Overtime Statistics

According to the overtime time of employees and the overtime time arranged by the enterprise, the actual overtime time of employees and the overtime time arranged by the enterprise are automatically counted, so as to flexibly adapt to the overtime time statistics of various enterprises.

5. Handling Abnormal Records

Those who fail to clock in due to business affairs can be dealt with the sign-In record, those who ask for leave can be dealt with leave record, and the time change of a certain person or a certain shift can be adjusted with working hours. The number of days of leave will be automatically calculated when the statistics are collected at the end of the month.

6. Flexible Schedule

According to the actual situation of the enterprise can flexibly set the number of shifts, the standard time of each shift, shift, shift setting work.

7. Flexible Time Limit

It can flexibly set the effective punching time of each shift to prevent employees from punching in at will, so as to make the management more convenient and reasonable, and the employees are organized and disciplined.

8. Flexible Attendance Setting

According to the actual situation inside the enterprise, the number of columns for assessment can be set arbitrarily such as late arrival, early departure, absence from work, etc. Each column corresponds to the assessment time range and the assessment object.

9. Automatic Identification of Punch-In or Out

According to the settings, the system can automatically judge whether the employee's time attendance record is a punch in or punch out without human intervention.
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