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Door Entry Panel | Door Access Control Panel

RS485 and Wiegand type door access control panel is a single door and can manage up to 8 door access control panels. The door card access control panel is recommended to come with a power box or an enclosure to suit different system constructions and its connection ability is also superior which offered Wiegands, dry contacts, relays, RS-485, and RJ-45 to connect to different devices.

Lift Control Panel

Designed specifically for elevator control, the lift panel provides customers with the most secure, scalable, versatile, and affordable door access control solutions available today. Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials, including fingerprint, proximity card, and/or password. Pre-defined time schedules can also be used to control floor access. During normal visits/business hours, unrestricted floor access can also be permitted.

Chiyu Technology is a professional door entry panels manufacturers, the door control access panel has several advanced features, like supervised input, interlocking, anti-passback, etc. If you have any questions about our door entry panel, please feel free to contact Chiyu.

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